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Elisa Strickler, MPA, GPC

I love that I have lifetime access to the Grant Professionals Course and Community. Not only did the Grant Professionals Course and the SmartE community help me with the Grant Professionals Certification exam and earning my GPC, but I had a stellar grant year in 2017 thanks to your course! I am looking forward to revisiting each module in 2018, and another stellar grant year! - Elisa Strickler, MPA, GPC  

"I love SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Course. It has given me a community. As a consultant, I work alone with few local learning opportunities. I feel like I'm learning and improving each and every day. And the private Facebook group is amazing. It's a safe place where I feel comfortable asking questions and know I'm going to get the answers I need." - Trish Bachman, GPC

Trish Bachan

Bethany Turner, GPC

"The Grants Professional Course will make you a better grant writer. The material you cover in Grant Professional Course is extremely applicable. It's not just theory. With every lesson I thought 'Oh, we need to implement that now!' For instance, after the module on budgets I revised a grant I was writing for a community theater and included volunteer hours which helped beef up the budget significantly." - Bethany Turner, GPC

"I wanted to earn my Grant Professionals Credential. I felt like I was experienced enough and could pass the credentialing exam, but I needed some demystifying of how it works. And, even though I intended to earn the credential, I never really made space for it in my life in terms of preparing for it and reviewing all kinds of materials, books, and more. To me, joining SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Course was a way to hold myself accountable and get it done." - Kathy Hatfield, GPC

Kathy Hatfield

Join the SmartEs! In the Course and Community

The Grant Professional Course

Your A-Z resource for building your grant expertise. 

Whether you are new to the grants profession or experienced, the Grant Professionals Course has what you need to reach your goals!

The Grant Professionals Course offers an in-depth training system on the exact skills and competencies identified and evaluated by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. SmartEGrants is a GPCI Approved Provider and full particiption in the course is applicable for up to 40 CEUs. SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Association Approved Trainers and the SmartE community of professionals are ready to walk with you every step of the way! You'll build your grant toolbox confidently tackle any grant project knowing that you've got the experience, expertise, and an entire community behind you!

Here's How It All Works



You'll internalize the "big picture" framework of the broad range and categories of skills and competencies that a Grant Professional brings to their organization(s), as identified and evaluated by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. 

Lesson 1 - Your Grant Professional Course Roadmap  

Lesson 2 - All About the Grants Profession -Skills, Competencies, & Credentials

Module 02


Is your organization eligible for grants? Are you ready to apply for a grant? How will it manage the funds when you win the award? 

Lesson 1 - Organization Status and Eligibility

Lesson 2 - Grant Ready Organization (GRO) 

Lesson 3 - Grant Teams 

Lesson 4 - Managing Grant Ready Teams

Module 03


Your organization is grant ready, and now it's time to start building a fundable plan. You'll walk away with resources and tools to help you design grant projects with fundable goals, impacts, measurements, outcomes, costs, and - dare I say it - sustainability. 

Lesson 1 - Program & Project Design 

Lesson 2 - Fundable Project Criteria 

Lesson 3 - Project Design Tools

Module 04


You've done your due diligence and your organization is grant ready. Now, let's find grants!  

Lesson 1 - Sources & Trends in Grants 

Lesson 2 - Grant Research Preparation 

Lesson 3 - Grant Research Execution

Module 5


We all know relationships are important for the success of your application. But how can you build stronger relationships with funders (and other partners) to increase your chance of winning and the impact of your projects? 

Lesson 1 - Effective Relationships 

Lesson 2 - Funder Relationships 

Lesson 3 - External Partnerships

Lesson 4 - Internal Partners 



You've pulled all the pieces together, and now it's time to craft your grant application. This module dives into the nuts and bolts of grant applications, and gives you the tools and resources you need to develop a convincing proposal that can win the award. 

Lesson 1 - Let's Get Organized 

Lesson 2 - Making an Effective Case 

Lesson 3 - Using Data, Tables & Attachments 

Module 07


You won the grant! Congratulations! Now what? In the grant management module you'll learn the entire grant management life cycle including grant implementation, grant reports, audits, and finally close-out. 

Lesson 1: Grant Implementation 

Lesson 2: Grant Close-Out

Module 08


The grants arena is changing rapidly! Regulations and requirements can seem overwhelming, and, "I Didn't Know" is not a defense. We'll cover what you need to know (and do) to protect your organizaion and yourself while positively representing and contribute to the grants profession.  

Lesson 1: Professionalism

Lesson 2: Ethical & Legal

"Having the GPC has helped me negotiate promotions and raises and helps explain my expertise to those outside the field." - Kimberly Hays deMuga, GPC



Private Grant Professional Course Facebook Group 

(Value $497) 

In an ever evolving and changing environment, you need up-to-date information. You'll get access to live video updates and events, community question and answer sessions, and key alerts on changing policies, reports, best practices, and more!

You don't have to go at it alone. While the core curriculum leads you every step of the way, there’s something special about connecting with other grants and fundraising professionals in a private community setting.  

You get LIFETIME access to the Closed-Door GPC Facebook Group where you'll gain unlimited insight, inspiration, and feedback. And the SmartE GPC team will be in there, too, to help answer any questions you have along the way.

And to top it all off, you'll be building a network of connections that can lead to future jobs and grant opportunities.


LIFETIME Access to Members Only Website

(a $999 value)

Maybe you are thinking about the grants profession but you don't know where to begin. Maybe you have experience in foundation grants but don't know how to navigate federal grants. Maybe you want to earn the GPC and you're not ready to sit for the Grant Professional Insititute Credential Exam right this minute. No problem. When you join the Grant Professional Course you get LIFETIME access to the course.

No Renewal Fee. Ever.

So all the videos, slides, checklists, and cheatsheets waiting for you on the membership site right now, will be there when you are ready to take the exam. PLUS you get access to all the extra training sessions and materials added as the course is updated.

 The SmartEGrants team and community are with you through out your journey in the grants profession. 

"I was taking webinars from other sources, but it felt really jumbled. SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Course brought it all together for me. I won a scholarship to take the Grant Professionals Certification Institute's exam in November 2015 and, thanks to Jo and the SmartEGrants team, I took the exam 10 months later and now I'm a GPC certified through the Grant Professionals Certification Institute!" - Bethany Turner, GPC

There is a reason that Grant Professionals who have a goal of earning their professional credential join the SmartEGrants Course and Community. Here is how it often goes down -

You take the GPCI Eligibility Quiz, but you never schedule the exam. 

You have the best of intentions, but something urgent ALWAYS pops up. 

If you're not working on an application with a looming deadline, your boss expects you to be researching new grant opportunities, writing reports, and submitting letters of intent. 

And it's not just finding time to study that's the problem. 

You've got questions about the exam itself:

  • Do I need government experience to pass the test? 
  • How do I know what to study? What exactly is covered?
  • Which is more difficult, the multiple choice or the writing section?
  • What do I have to do to maintain my credential? 
  • Are there scholarships available? 

So how do you fit in researching application deadlines, completing forms, developing a study plan, finding material to study, doing the actual studying all while MAINTAINING YOUR CURRENT JOB and family commitments?

Is there a way you can cut down on the learning curve, know exactly what you need to pass the exam, and feel confident when you walk into the testing center?

Yes, there is! SmartEGrants Grant Professional Course gives you a clear step-by-step guide through the skills and competencies evaluated by the GPCI. You have what it takes! And, the course and communty take you to the finishline. Add-on pre-exam pratice tools are also available to those who join SmartEGrants' Grant Professional Course.


When you enroll, you'll get:

The FULL Grant Professionals Course: Priority access to all 8 Modules with more than 20 lessons, checklists, and cheatsheets. Value - $1,999

Bonus One: Private Closed-Door Grant Professionals Course Facebook Group- Build a network of connections and tap into the collective knowledge, experience, and insight of accompished grant professionals. Value - $497

Bonus Two: LIFETIME Access to Members Only Website - No renewal fee. Value - $999

When you add it all up, that's a total value of over $3,495 

And that's not even counting the unannounced surprises and bonuses we have in store for you once you get started...

We can't wait to welcome you into the SmartE Community! 




"I think working in a collaborative team environment where you can study and see what your weaknesses are and see what your strengths are gives you much more built-in confidence" - Kim Sanchez

You Have Questions & We Have Answers

1. Do I have to take the GPC exam to join this course?

No! SmartEGrants Grant Professional Course is for anyone interested in deepening their grant expertise. The Grant Professional Certification Institute's identified skills and credentials, as evaluated on the exam, serve as the framework for the course, but you absolutely don't have to take the exam or even be considering the exam to join and get all of the benefits from the course and the community. This course will be of value to anyone interested in learning more about grant readiness, project design, grant research, building relationships, writing successful grant applications, grant management, and ethical and legal considerations of the grant profession. So, if you're ready to increase your grant competencies and broaden your skills base, join today.

2. How many hours do I need to set aside for the course each week?

The Grant Professional Couse is self paced.

Once you enroll, you'll have instant access to all of the lessons within the 8 Modules so that you can work through the material at your own pace. If you want to take the GPC exam as quickly as possible, we suggest that you spend 1 hour a day dedicated to the program. But no worries if that's too much - you have lifetime access, so you can go at your own pace!

3. Who teaches the course?

The Grant Professional Course is taught by Jo Miller, GPC, SMS. With over 20 years experience in grants and over 15 years consulting, Jo has secured more than $100 million in grant funding for all levels of governmental organizations and nonprofits, large and small.

Jo is the Board President of the Grants Professionals Association. She hosts GrantChat, a weekly Twitter chat for grant professionals. GrantChat brings national experts, resources, the latest trends, and the best-practices to the grant community. GrantChat has grown into an online community reaching between 200,000 to 980,000 impressions each week over the past 5 years. Many of the experts collaborating with Jo serve as resources to our SmartE courses and communities.

Jo is a national speaker, presenter, trainer, published author, and has been nationally recognized for her contributions to the profession. Jo is passionate about the grants profession and helping other grant professionals connect and grow!  

4. Sounds fabulous. I'd love to join, but I need help convincing my employer.

We get it. Enrolling in SmartEGrants Grant Professional Course is an investment and anything that involves time or money is not always a solo decision.

We've anticipated a few of the most common questions your employer may have about the program and have a few handouts that will help. 

Click here for the "How to Talk To My Employer" handout.

Click here for the "Grant Professionals Course" flyer.

5. What are the eligibility requirements to take the GPC exam?

GPC exam eligibility is based on a points system. The minimum number of points needed to take the exam is 120 points (with a max of 170 possible). Points are awarded in the four professional areas:

Education (Up to 40 points) - Candidates receive credit for formal postsecondary education from an accredited institution, including 20 points for an Associates degree and 40 points for a Bachelor degree or above.

Experience (Up to 70 points) - Candidates must possess a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the grants field within the last 5 years as well as at least 5 successful grant proposals over the past 7 years. These are non-negotiable elements within the GPC exam process. 

Professional Development (Up to 40 points) - Professional development activities must have occurred within the past two years and must clearly relate to your work as a grant professional. Good News! SmartEGrants is a GPCI Approved Provider and full participation offers 40 points. 

Community Involvement (Up to 20 points) - Community involvement is perhaps the broadest category and may include non-grant-related activities. The GPCI Board of Directors believes grant professionals ought to actively participate in all aspects of their home communities and encourage this ongoing involvement.

6. If I decide to take the Grant Professional Certification Institute's exam, how much does it cost to take the GPC exam?

The total GPC exam fee is $539 for Grant Professional Association members, $739 for non-members. Scholarships are available, and we will walk you through the process of applying for the exam and scholarships.

7. Does the Grant Professional Course come with a guarantee?

Yes! We know purchasing a training program can be a daunting investment and we want you to be absolutely sure this is the program for you. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can cancel your membership and receive a full refund (less cost of materials) within the first 30 days of enrollment. 

If you can relate to any of the above...

Then I want to reward your commitment to growing your grants expertise with the most COMPLETE Grant Professional 

Course available.  

Get started RIGHT NOW by choosing the plan that works best for you:




Jo Miller, GPC

I can't wait to support you on your journey!

- Jo Miller, GPC